Olaf Breuning


05.11 – 17.12.2016  Preview: 04.11, 17 – 19

Nils Stærk is pleased to announce Olaf Breuning’s solo exhibition Cold Animals with new large drawings along with absurd and humorous hand-painted ceramic sculptures.

Since the beginning of his career Breuning has worked with drawings as a starting point for his photography, sculptures and film production. Drawing as an independent media in Breuning’s production has now for more than 10 years been an integrated part of his exhibitions,

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Send in the Clowns


Nils Stærk is happy to present the group exhibition Send in the Clowns including works by: Miriam Bäckström, Olaf Breuning, Gardar Eide Einarsson, Michael Kvium, Sean Landers, Torbjørn Rødland og Superflex.



He is in the dark

bawls out nothing with a smile. He performs a show: On one leg


He conjures his day

how it looks

even before the day is thought. On one leg



He continues and smells of the

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Nils Stærk is pleased to announce Lea Porsager’s solo exhibition E(AR)THERIC SLIME ~ PRE-OP, an assemblage of experiments, sculptural forms, 3D animation / video, foam, and tons of iron.

E(AR)THERIC SLIME ~ PRE-OP is a push-and-pull operation between weightlessness and gravity. Generated by mishaps, anesthetic-induced deliriums and unearthly synchronicities, E(AR)THERIC SLIME ~ PRE-OP embodies an entanglement of Lee Lozano, Rudolf Steiner, Niels Bohr, Wolfgang Pauli, the inner ear, slimy matter, and the initials ET.

“ET disappe(ar)ed from the windowless Kingdom

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Text by Angus Cook

One thing is for sure: the blue lights are no metaphor for mind-control. Rather, questions of mind-control may be understood as a metaphor for the bidirectional relationship of artwork to viewer.

Is it mere coincidence that blue and pink are the colors with the most compelling scientific evidence to support their use as medicine?
That they are similar in this respect is somewhat curious because these particular colors strike me as more chromatically polarized than black

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Nils Stærk presents YOU CAN’T EAT IDENTITY, a solo exhibition by Superflex.

In the main gallery the video installation European Union Mayotte will be shown. The film was shot on the island Anjouan, part of the island country of Comoros, located in the Indian Ocean north of Madagascar. Only 70 kilometres away is the other island Mayotte. Contrary to Anjouan and the rest of the Comoros Mayotte chose to stay affiliated with France when the Comoros became an independent country

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Nils Stærk is proud to present the solo exhibition In and Out and In and Out, Again by American artist Matthew Ronay (b. 1976, Louisville, Kentucky, USA).

In the main space of the gallery a large-scale installation composed of several individual elements is the central feature of the exhibition. On the back wall, Ronay has installed a major composition made up of blue curvilinear shapes resembling a waterfall or a wall of flames. From the bottom of the wall, a …

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Armleder, Handforth, Landers


The exhibition presents works by the three artists John M. Armleder (b. 1948 Switzerland), Mark Handforth (b. 1969 Hong Kong) and Sean Landers (b. 1962 USA) who all have distinguished themselves through their individual and eclectic styles. The exhibition contains very different methods of and approaches to both painting and sculpture.

John M. Armleder has through his artistic carrier explored al most all kinds of media. He continuously investigates the boundaries of art production through installation, painting, and performance – …

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Nils Stærk is proud to present the exhibition Ways of Perception, the second solo show with Mexican artist and architect Eduardo Terrazas (b. 1936).

The exhibition presents a number of diverse series from different stages of Terrazas’ long artistic production. The works are bound together through the common interest in structure and tactility – themes that seem also to connect Terrazas’ work as an artist and as an architect.

In the main gallery works from two different series are …

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