Nils Stærk is proud to present Jone Kvie’s solo exhibition presence & remnants. The exhibition is the fifth solo presentation of Kvie’s work by Nils Stærk.

Jone Kvie’s sculptures often depict scientific phenomena casted in various materials. The works are enormously seductive, even though the phenomena they depict often confront us with the impermanence of humanity.

As such the sculptures by Kvie articulate the classical contras between culture and nature. At the same time they also point beyond this

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Nils Stærk is pleased to present Guatemalan artist Darío Escobar’s (b. 1971) first solo exhibition in Scandinavia. The exhibition will consist of new and recent sculptural works.

The title of the exhibition Unions and Intersections underlines a general theme in Escobar’s work. The chosen objects, which make up Escobar’s sculptures become markers and signs of both unions and intersections through the way they are arranged and their conversion into art.

Most of the works presented in the exhibition are sculptures …

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28.08. – 18.10.2014

PREVIEW 27.08.2014  17:00 – 20:00





9 pages

Rusted metal, silk with imprint

200 x 90 x 56 cm

16 pages

Rusted metal

200 x 90 x 82,5 cm

6 pages

Rusted metal, silk with imprint

200 x 90 x 41 cm

11 pages

Rusted metal, silk with imprint

200 x 90 x 65 cm

Untitled 1

Rusted metal, silk with imprint

6 x 250 x 135 cm

Untitled 2

Rusted metal, …

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We are delighted to announce the exhibition Painter’s Nest by Michael Kvium. The show consists of all new paintings and it is Kvium’s second solo exhibition with the gallery.

Staging is essential to the art of Michael Kvium. This approach has been employed and refined in different expressions such as performances, video installations, paintings, and sculptures and the performative aspect is a recurrent artifice throughout his entire career.

The staging and the performativity are once more the focal points in …

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We are pleased to present Runo Lagomarsino’s show Against My Ruins. The exhibition contains new and recent works placed in the whole gallery space. This will be Lagomarsino’s second solo show at Nils Stærk.

When entering the gallery, one is captured in between two states of light. The work to the right, They watched us for a very long time, consists of a grid of metal plates that embodies the traces of their use as illumination devices. On …

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Richard Hughes


We are pleased to present the exhibition Scene Inbetween by British artist Richard Hughes. The show will be Hughes’ second at the gallery and will consist of new and recent works.

Richard Hughes works primarily with sculptures and wall based objects. He finds inspiration in ramshackle and desolate urbane environments, such as low cost housing, factories, and industrial grounds. His works at first appear to be recognizable objects such as lampposts, drainpipes, sofas, sleeping bags, brick walls, and sneakers, however …

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We are pleased to announce a series of new ceramic sculptures by Nils Erik Gjerdevik in the gallery’s main room. It is the first time in 20 years that Gjerdevik will present a solo show consisting of only sculptures.

The sculptures are placed on black rustic steel tables – the placement of which will create a type of architectonic landscape. The sculptures encourage the viewer into an examination of the single works shapes, colors and space just as the …

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We are happy to present Smile As If We Have Already Won, Miriam Bäckström’s third solo exhibition at Nils Stærk.

The title piece Smile As If We Have Already Won – a 12 meter long tapestry, occupies the gallery’s main space and divides the room diagonally. As it is possible to walk around the work and study it from the back, the motif’s negative becomes part of the total experience of the work.

The image is a single piece of …

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