Nils Stærk is proud to present a new work by Danish artist Lea Porsager (b. 1981) in the second exhibition space of the gallery: Mellemrummet.

The installation ATU XI “LUST” consists of 11 aligning struts horizontally extended in the room at various heights. Aligning struts are normally used in the construction industry to support vertical elements during the building process. In Porsager’s work the struts seem to expand the room. Porsager has used aligning struts in several other works such …

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It is our great pleasure to introduce the exhibition The Predicament of Mankind by the Mexican architect, designer and artist Eduardo Terrazas. The show is on view in the gallery’s second exhibition space Mellemrummet and it is his first exhibition in Denmark.

Through weavings, drawings, graphic prints, sculpture, and photography the show allows us to experience Terrazas’ broad disciplined span as an artist. At first glance his works appear like formal investigations of geometrical patterns, which to a certain extent …

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We are pleased to present the video The G in Modernity Stands for Ghosts by Runo Lagomarsino in our Mellemrummet.

 In The G in Modernity Stands for Ghosts (2009), crumpled pieces of paper in a small cardboard box are lit with a match. The balls of paper are blank, undiscovered areas that Lagomarsino has cut out of an atlas. The film ends with them carbonizing completely, but, shown as a loop, the action of the burning begins again. The sequence …

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Dr. Lakra


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We are very pleased to present Miriam Bäckströms works ‘Mirrors’ in our exhibition space Mellemrummet.

The exhibition consists of a series of photographic portraits of different characters, both real and fictive, in combination with mirrors surrounding the individual photographs.

Miriam Bäckström’s works are often characterized by an investigation of the boundaries of the established reality. Her works often place themselves in a conceptual discussion about t the works’ status in our consciousness. In recent years the actor has been a …

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We are pleased to present Superflexs project Palestinian Eurovision in our exhibition space Mellemrummet.

The exhibition presents four banners with painted logos developed for  the campaign for Palestines participation in the Eurovision Song Contest. The project represents a collaborative effort initiated in 2008 between Superflex, The Palestinian Broadcast Corporation (PBC) and Sabreen Association for Artistic Development. The ambition is for Palestine to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest and become a active member of the European Broadcast Union (EBU). The

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From September 3rd until October 22nd we will present a selection of recent works by  Gardar Eide Einarsson in our exhibition space Mellemrummet.

Einarssons solo exhibition Power has a fragrance has recently toured the Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art in Oslo, the Reykjavik Art Museum, Bonniers Konsthall in Stockholm, and currently the Kunsthalle Friedericianum in Kassel, where it will be on display until September 11th 2011.

The exhibition opens with a preview on September 2nd 2011 from 17-21.…

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We are very pleased to present John Armleder in our exhibition space Mellemrummet.

John Armleder is one of the most influential conceptual artists of our time and his eclectic production covers the fields of art, design, concept, geometry, Pop and Trash. Rooted in Fluxus, with strong references to DADA, Armleder works in diverse media such as sculptures, paintings, drawings, happenings, installations and video, and he persistently plays with connotations to art history in a reinvestigation of the concept of art …

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