SUPERFLEX – Show Me The Money!, The Museum of Contemporary Art, Roskilde, Denmark


SUPERFLEX participates in Show Me The Money! at The Museum of Contemporary Art. The exhibition focuses on consumerism, power and global economies and is one of the exhibitions that will take place at the museum as part of the annual theme ‘Global Economies’. SUPERFLEX is presenting three new Euphoria Now paintings in the colors of Scandinavian currencies.

February 10th – August 6th 2017


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Jone Kvie at The Vigeland Museum, Oslo, Norway


The Vigeland Museum is currently showing Vessels – a solo exhibition by Jone Kvie consisting of new as well as older works.

Until May 14th 2017

Skærmbillede 2017-02-22 kl. 16.22.59

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Runo Lagomarsino and SUPERFLEX – Point of Departure, Santander Art Gallery, Madrid, Spain


Runo Lagomarsino and SUPERFLEX participate in the exhibition Point of Departure / Punto de Partida at Santander Art Gallery, Madrid, Spain. The exhibition curated by Magnolia de la Garza and Patrick Charpenel comprises a selection of works from the Isabel and Agustín Coppel Collection. The exhibition is based on the idea of miscegenation in order to display an interpretation of international contemporary art from Mexico.

February 21st – June 11th 2017

RLa 15 002

Runo Lagomarsino, We didn’t cross the border, the border

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SUPERFLEX – Euro, 2012 at The Hayward Gallery, The Southbank Centre, London, UK


SUPERFLEX has been commissioned to present the work Euro, 2012 on the 110 m2 billboard overlooking Waterloo Bridge in London, UK.

The installation is the third Waterloo Billboard Commission, seen by tens of thousands of people crossing Waterloo Bridge every day, and is supported by the Danish Agency for Culture.

January 4th – March 31st 2017



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SUPERFLEX – Kwassa Kwassa, Pérez Art Museum Miami, FL, US


SUPERFLEX is showing their film Kwassa Kwassa, 2015 at Pérez Art Museum Miami, FL, US

October 21st 2016 – April 23rd 2017


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Lea Porsager – Z SWAN, SMK², National Gallery of Denmark, Copenhagen, Denmark

As part of the SMK² project series Lea Porsager has created the special display Z WAN. Using a mixture of her own works and works from the SMK collections, Porsager’s display explores cryptic and multi-levelled narrative strands in the ancient Greek myth about Leda and the Swan.

November 11th 2016 – April 1st 2017


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Superflex – Aga Khan Award for Architecture


Superflex has been given the Aga Khan Award for Architecture alongside BIG and Topotek1 for the public park Superkilen in Copenhagen, Denmark – a public space promoting integration across lines of ethnicity, religion and culture.


Photo: Superflex…

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Lea Porsager and Tove Storch – Eksperiment 111, KØS, Køge, Denmark


Eksperiment 111 is a project where three of the Danish art scene’s most prominent profiles, Lea Porsager, Tove Storch and Ann Lislegaard have been invited to create new works, each of which relate to the place, the space, the museum and the urban space.

Opening event Saturday October 8th 2-4pm

October 8th 2016 – May 21st 2017

Photo : Anders Sune Berg
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