29.10.2010 - 18.12.2010


We are very pleased to present  Ingvar Cronhammar’s new  sculpture Fountain II in our exhibition space Mellemrummet. The sculpture will be on display until December 18th 2010.

Fountain II is a more than three meter tall illuminated water sculpture. As the water falls freely from the fountain’s top into the basin at the base, the sound drowns out all other noise in the room making it difficult to focus on anything but the falling water.

Ingvar Cronhammar generally works with massive projects. His monumental works contain architectural references, and throughout the years Cronhammer has collaborated with some of Denmark’s most acknowledged architects. With a radical artistic and intellectual approach Cronhammar continuously proves how art and architecture can join forces in the best possible way.

Ingvar Cronhammar is currently participating at the group exhibition The Patriarchs atThe Museum of Religious Art in Lemvig, DK.

The next exhibition in our main space Ideal Ein Gespräch opening January 14th 2011 will include a new work by Ingvar Cronhammar and a new work by Morten Stræde.