Towering Value Watchers are watching over ARKEN throughout the month of July. FOS has created the inflatable works of art with the aim of opening a discussion about values in Danish politics. The sculptures each display two core values selected by the ten political parties that qualify to participate in general elections in Denmark.
The Value Watchers highlight the role of the politicians as guardians of our core values, while at the same time representing a critical perspective due to their fragile, air-filled character. Are these core values nothing but hot air?

Runo Lagomarsino participates in the group exhibition Slow Violence, an exhibition which puts focus on the radical changes our planet is undergoing. Lagomarsino is showing the installation Mundo Novo, 2017, which consists of photography collages, objects, sculptures, dia projection, drawings and prints displayed on a large table that in different ways narrate the discovery of the Mundo Novo, the New World.