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Nils Stærk was established in 1997. Together with two other galleries Nils Stærk moved into the warehouse district of Copenhagen named Islands Brygge, and shortly afterwards the Islands Brygge Galleries became a phenomenon in Danish and Scandinavian art life.

In 2009 Nils Stærk moved to a new district: Carlsberg – previously used by Carlsberg breweries, and Nils Stærk has been one of the primary persons in developing one of Copenhagen’s most important art venues Ny Carlsberg Vej 68.

Ny Carlsberg Vej 68 is the new centre for art and culture in Copenhagen. Consisting of four exhibition sites, it is the largest building dedicated to contemporary art to open in Copenhagen in recent times.

The combination of established, international galleries alongside galleries run by artists is unique and we believe it will be of great significance for the Danish and international art scene.

Nils Stærk includes 150m2 exhibition space in which the gallery presents six annual exhibitions. In addition to this the gallery includes a second and smaller exhibition room entitled Mellemrummet used for various exhibition projects and presentations.