04.02.2011 - 05.03.2011

We are very pleased to present SUPERFLEX Foreigners, please don’t leave us alone with the Danes! in our exhibition space MELLEMRUMMET.

The wall painting, originally created in 2002, inscribes itself in a series of works by Superflex that take their point of departure in the political situation in Denmark – in particular Denmark’s participation in the Iraq war and the severe integration legislation policies, which have had major international attention and critique.

Although Foreigners, please don’t leave us alone with the Danes! was shown for the first time almost ten years ago, the debates are still ongoing and Superflex’s statement very relevant.

Street posters will be put up in Copenhagen during the exhibition period. Foreigners, please don’t leave us alone with the Danes! has previously been shown in several European cities, as well as in Mexico and South Korea.

For this presentation Superflex has created a special edition of the work. A silk screen print on handpainted background (400 g Hanemüle paper) in an edition of 25.

Superflex is currently working on the project SUPERKILEN – in collaboration with the Danish architect firm BIG they have designed a global park in the multi-ethnic neighborhood Nørrebro in Copenhagen. With proposals from the future users ‘park’ objects are collected from 57 countries – such as a Texan dance pavilion and a Jamaican sound system. The park opens september 2011.

A new film – a time machine – by Superflex, will be released in Helsinki this spring. The film is presented on a large screen on a square in the centre of the city and begins on Thursday 23.3.2011 at 21.00 and ends on Saturday 2.4.2011 at 21.00 – it will be the longest film ever made with duration off 240 hours. Superflex has been invited by Pro Arte Foundation to do this public commission.

For another commission Superflex invites to go on A Cockroach Tour of the Science Museum in London. Dressed in cockroach shells visitors can experience to be one of the planet’s true survivors.

A new SUPERGAS design is made for mass production in Guadalajara, Mexico. The first portable biogas unit that produces gas for cooking and lighting was made in 1996/97. Biogas systems have earlier been installed in Tanzania, Cambodia, Thailand and Zanzibar. SUPERGAS/MEXICO will be on show at OPA, Guadalajara, summer 2011.