Thaddeus Strode
Works on paper
01.12.2009 - 23.01.2010

It is a pleasure for us to present works on paper by Thaddeus Strode in our exhibition space Mellemrummet.

The presentation corresponds with the current presentation of Strode’s work at HEART – Herning Museum of Contemporary Art.

Thaddeus Strode’s work merges an abstract and expressive painterly formalism with a figurative visual imagery that includes adaptation of comics and everyday myths. His work often portrays a fictionalized landscape that is inhabited by lonely islands, shipwrecked freaks, bikini girls, sea monsters, and other creatures – a tragicomic postmodern underworld of misfits. It moves between high and low culture, fairy tales and myths, graffiti and advertisement, yet the postulated narrative is always subordinated to the painterly and pictorial work.

Interlacing different techniques and materials, Strode creates complex, multi-layered images that leave the process of the work visible.

Strode’s painting is also always characterized by a disrespectful use of paint and canvas, giving his pictures a somewhat “dirty” quality. Strode uses text and writing as an artistic medium. With this combination of writing and image, the adaptation of comics and everyday myths, Strode’s works can formally be linked to the painting tradition of the West Coast. However, Strode is a painter in its original sense and is always striving for a pictorial solution to which the narrative is subordinated.

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