Dr. Lakra
27/10/2012 - 15/12/2012

We are very pleased to present an exhibition of new works by Mexican artist Dr. Lakra in our exhibition space Mellemrummet. 

Dr. Lakra, is known to work on found objects such as vintage illustrations of old pin-up girls and medical books with an aesthetic that relate to his practice as a tattoo artist. In Dr. Lakra’s work the apparently innocent meets the grotesque and diabolic. His image universe contains skeletons, snakes, pre-Colombian sculptures, skulls, ancient symbols and fable-animals - all motifs that are mixed together without pointing at one specific identity. 

Dr. Lakra is currently also exhibiting at Holstebro Art Museum with the show Mexican Demons and Dancing Skeletons in which his pieces are brought into dialogue with one of the most popular Mexican artists José Guadelupe Posada (1853-1913).

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