FOS has created a new cultural landmark for Aalborg, Denmark. A 14 meter high tower offering a great view over the recreational area Vestre Fjordpark. The tower consists of 53 steps, concrete, metal staircases, wooden poles and a thatched roof giving shelter for wind and weather. It appeals to our senses while inviting to be used. 
The Interior of Inés is financed by Danish Arts Foundation, SIFA and Aalborg Municipality Art Foundation.  

Runo Lagomarsino participate in A Universal History of Infamy at LACMA - Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, CA., US. The exhibition engages 16 U.S. Latino and Latin American artists and collaborative teams working across a range of media challenging the notion of absoluteness with regard to what constitutes Latin America and its diaspora in the United States, the art that can be associated with it, and how to approach this complex region. 

Lagomarsino is participating with the site specific installation Violent Corners, 2017.