Daniel Guzmán and tequila tasting

We invite you to taste original mexican tequilas surrounded by Daniel Guzman’s works

05.09.08 · 17-19 ·


We are proud to inform you that Gardar Eide Einarsson has his second solo exhibition with the gallery Standard in Oslo. The exhibition is called “No Chaos, Damn it!”. For further information: www.standardoslo.no


We are proud to announce that Jone Kvie is contributing the exhibition Unknown Land at Elastic in Malmö, Sweden. The exhibition introduces sculpture, video, installations, sounds works and objects by six artists; Catrin Andersson, Alexander Gutke, Manuela Marques, Laurent Montaron, Evariste Richer and of course Jone Kvie.


Superflex are contributing the U-Turn Quadrennial for Contemporary Art with their artwork “Free Beer Corner”. The exhibition “Food For Thought”will take place at Stege Sukkerfabrik, Møn.