For Chart 2019 Nils Stærk will present works by Runo Lagomarsino and Tove Storch.


Runo Lagomarsino (b.1977, Lund, Sweden) develops works that presents a critical vision on the construction of history-based themes or analyses connections between modernism and current geopolitics. Lagomarsino’s work present a well-defined political position, posses an unfinished and fragmented aspect, and act as provocative and open reflections on relations of territory and exclusion.

He was born in Scandinavia to Argentinian parents descended from Italian émigrés who fled Europe during the First World War. Lagomarsino’s biography charts the colonial histories that he examines in his works. The artist works in a range of media and moves effortlessly between installation, collage, drawing, performance and video.

Lagomarsino’s works are represented in art institutions such as The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum (USA), Moderna Museet Stockholm (SE) and The National Museum of Art (NO). He has exhibited institutions and biennales like Biennal FEMSA, Mexico (2019), Dallas Museum of Art, USA (2018), MAM-Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art Salzburg, AUT (2018), LACMA, USA (2017), Malmö Konsthall, SE (2015), The São Paulo Biennial (2012), The Venice Biennial, IT (2011), a.o.


Danish artist Tove Storch's (b. 1981) practice is informed by questions of how a sculpture exists and how it comes into being. In her new work series, pink sculptures oscillate between primordial and minimalistic, while adopting traditions of minimalism and modernist abstraction. Maintaining the kinetic act and physicality that has long defined her artistic oeuvre, from the earlier “rotating volume” sculptures to large-scale, site specific installations, Storch continues her investigation of the physical and spherical pieces and the phenomenological experience that is created through the sculpted object.

Building upon the heavily, male dominated tradition of Minimalism, Storch’s universe is less dominant, more fragile and hyper-feminine confronting our bodily experiences. Her works evoke memories of physical encounters and often can be found to recall physically or psychologically awkwardness such as sexuality, hesitation, nakedness or exposure. Dealing with these experiences, the sculptures carry a performative act which occurred the first time during the artistic creation and secondly in their encounter with its audience.

Storch’s works are represented in a number of art institutions such as S.M.A.K in Ghent (BE), The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art (DK), KØS Museum of Public Art (DK) and MAC in São Paulo. She has had solo exhibitions at Overgaden – Institute of Contemporary Art in Copenhagen (2008), Die Raum in Berlin (2012), at S.M.A.K in Ghent (2013) and has had solo performances at both Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Denmark (2012) and at Museo de Arte Moderna, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2014), a.o.