NILS STÆRK presents at Art Herning 2020 a presentation of selected artists from the gallery. Centrally located on the stand we show a podium with selected sculptures in different media - some in a more abstract expression, while others are more figurative. There will be sculptures by Tove Storch, Olaf Breuning, Gert & Uwe Tobias, FOS, Jone Kvie and Matthew Ronay.

An abstract surreal idiom is seen in American artist Matthew Ronay's wooden sculpture, which is centrally located on the podium. Ronay's works are characterized by being made of wood in a vivid, abstract expression, with a rich variety of references.

Alongside the sculptures are works by Michael Kvium, who is on show at the gallery with the exhibition Pale Male Tales, which shows a number of new works, all based on current political issues and confronting us through varying depictions of the white pale man. The same is true in the works of ART Herning, where Kvium in a grotesque and humorous form depicts climate threats and the refugee problem. The conceptual narrative approach to the works is also reflected in the works of American artist Sean Landers. Both Kvium and Landers find inspiration in Renaissance paintings and the classical painting techniques. They draw on personal references and and blur the lines between reality and fantasy.