Location: Ingen


20.03.2010 - 15.05.2010

We are prolonging Jone Kvie’s beautiful exhibition “Everything falling into place” until May 15th. Gigantic collections of stars, gas and dust clouds form the nebulae of the universe, the basis for the creation of our solar system more than four billion years ago. These star factories of the universe, the nearest one 1,300 light years away, are both unattainable and unfathomable in their powerful boundlessness.

Based on photos from the Hubble and the Chandra telescopes Jone Kvie has demarcated the otherwise abstract forms to concrete physical reproductions in a number of new sculptures of wood pulp with the shared title Sculpted Gas. With these works he maintains his interest in depicting natural forms and phenomena and man’s relationship with them.

The scale and material of the sculptures give a lightness and a feeling of fragility that contrast with the monumental objects they depict. By presenting the nebulae like sculptural objects one of the greatest forces in the universe suddenly seems manageable and tangible. This inherent duality in Jone Kvie’s sculptures points to man’s need to rationally understand the universe, but also to the impossibility of this. Our reason, which says that all objects have an end, collides with our fantasy about the infinity of the universe. The sublime is put on the agenda, and nature is acknowledged as the stronger.

While the sculptures in Sculpted Gas send us many light years out into space, we are drawn back to Earth with the work Untitled, where four tree roots, shaped in German silver, stand fused and frozen on the gallery floor. With the roots planted deep in the earth, they seem to ground us in our own concrete reality, but the hollowed-out stumps with an inside lining of black pigment let us fall back into the nothingness of the black holes of the universe.

Jone Kvie (b. 1971) has in recent years shown his works in venues such as Sörlandets Kunstmuseum, Norway; Krannert Art Museum, Illinois; The Beijing Biennial; Kunsti Museum of Modern Art, Finland; The Wanås Foundation, Sweden; Charro Negro Galeria, Mexico; I – 20 Galleries, New York. Until May 1st Jone Kvie will present his solo show H II Region at Elastic in Malmø, Sweden.