Location: Ingen

29.01.2011 - 05.03.2011

Spencer Finch

Spencer Finch’s fluorescent light Shadow, window, Rue Vieille-du-Temple (after Atget) re-creates different shadows visible on Eugène Atget’s photographs from Paris almost 100 years ago. Using light- and colourmeters Finch measures the exact amount of light and the colour temperature of a shadow. The collected data is used to calibrate the configuration of the coloured filters. For the last ten years Spencer Finch has worked intensely on the artistic exploration of the psychological and physiological aspects of perception and its limits.

Spencer Finch (born 1962 in New Haven, US) lives and works in Brooklyn.

Mads Gamdrup

In Mads Gamdrup’s monochromatic photography a plethora of flickering, dizzy colours is tricking the eye into perceiving the photography as vibrant and practically breathing entities. By using the photo’s technical starting point as an explicit basis for his beautiful colour compositions Gamdrup singles out a historical ambiguity between art and technology in this medium.

Mads Gamdrup (born 1967 in Copenhagen) lives and works in Copenhagen and Trondheim.

Nils Erik Gjerdevik

Nils Erik Gjerdevik’s non-figurative paintings challenge the set rules and conventions of painting as genre. Gjerdevik breaks with the classical principles of composition. His field of interest is the preconditions and potential of the non-figurative and in the schism between rigid concretism and playful forms the works take on the character of a survey of the diverse systems of abstractions in art history.

Nils Erik Gjerdevik (born 1962 in Oslo) lives and works in Copenhagen.

Jone Kvie

The stainless steel sculpture Launch is based on photos and film clips of documenting the explosion of the space shuttle Challenger in1986 just 73 sec. after takeoff. Launch is a terrible beauty holding on to the frightful moment. Characteristic for Kvie the work – both thematically and in his choice of material – plays on the clash between fear and comfort, lightness and weight, extinction and life.

Jone Kvie (born 1971 in Stavanger, Norway) lives and works in Malmö.