Location: Ingen



13.01 – 03.03.2012

The exhibition Matter of Reflections presents four new works by Jone Kvie. The works that are placed on the floor, the walls and hung from the gallery ceiling all contain references to celestial bodies. The scientific references are recurrent at the exhibition that in an attempt to materialize and insist on the enigma of the universe simultaneously accentuates mans alienation and powerlessness in the meeting with nature.When large celestial bodies are moved into the gallery space for beholding and scrutiny, human desire to make nature subject to measurements and empirical findings are brought into focus. In Kvies works this scientific approach is given equal status to the romantic idea of the sublime, in which man is overwhelmed by a feeling of impotence in the meeting with nature. Jone Kvie is repeatedly able to convey this dualism in his works in which insistence on and analysis of corporeal phenomenons reveal them as mysterious and enigmatic.There is a striking discrepancy between the large sculptures and the viewer, who seems incomparably small in relation. This discrepancy emphasizes the experience of the work, which thematizes mans fear, powerlessness and fascination with phenomenons he cannot control. Confronted with Jone Kvies sculptures, the viewer fails to control the object and is caught in an experience extended between the finite and the infinite.Jone Kvie (1971) has during the last years exhibited at The National Museum, Oslo, Norway; Bergen Museum of Art, Norway; Galerie Mark Müller, Switzerland; Krannert Art Museum, Illinois; The Beijing Biennial; Kunsti Museum of Modern Art, Finland; The Wanås Foundation, Sweden; Charro Negro Galeria, Mexico; I – 20 Gallery, New York.