Location: Ingen


27.10 – 15.12 2012

It is our pleasure to present Mads Gamdrup’s 4th solo exhibition at the gallery. It is the first time Gamdrup is presenting his work in the space on Ny Carlsberg Vej 68, in which he revises the traditional landscape motif with 18 new photographical pieces.

How do we experience the landscape today? How does this experience affect our perception of ourselves? And how does this self-concept change in different social contexts?

Once again Gamdrup will try to answer these questions by taking the photographical medium to its limit, where the motif slowly dissolves into a mere abstraction only to be recreated into something one could call an experienced landscape. This is not a nostalgic retrospect, but a reflection on what landscape as motif and experience means to us humans.

In Gamdrup’s works the landscape acts as a narrative figure for the social context we find ourselves in. Therefore the landscape as motif is more the point of departure for a conversation about social relations rather than a desire of recreating the landscape documentarily.

The pieces at the exhibition are divided    into 3 groups each with their own photographic characteristic: Five abstract noise-pieces, one straight photography piece and twelve silk screen prints. Each of these three different expressions refers to Gamdrup’s earlier work. In the context of each other they create a new and complex space that enables the understanding of the photographical media, the landscape, the colour and the material element.

The motifs reflect in each other and by that offer the audience a possible experience of the landscape as a human construction. Gamdrup perceives art as a social space where one is confronted with ones own actions. And just by that physical presence of the art together with its surrounding context it will create a basis for self-reflexivity.

That self-reflexivity is ever-present in Gamdrup’s exhibition with the basic but urgent question of representing something. From the small realistic photo to the silkscreen prints and the big abstract colour formations. What is most recognizable?,Perhaps the juxtaposition of these different expressions offers a more complete idea of how we perceive our own reality?

The question of representation does not only involve art, but revolves foremost around how we perceive ourselves and are being perceived by others.