Location: Ingen

Resolution of time and space
Summer show
24.07 – 16.08.2019

FOS, Carlos Amorales, Gardar Eide Einarsson, Lea Porsager, Ingvar Cronhammar, Mads Gamdrup

We connect to our surroundings in time and space, and through the objects we surround us with we constitute a link between language, action and our body. At the Summer show we invite you in to the space - to take a seat at the center object by FOS. The Hesitation Bench- a social space and generous furniture with no front or back. A space where you invite someone else into your private space and create a place to talk, feel and watch the works by the gallery artists that surround you.  

Carlos Amorales’ black and white abstract painting based on the French Calendar – a calendar in system and order with no religious or royalist influences. Through Amorales pictograms it appears dissolved and in disorder.

Seven minutes past four – the moment where the night meets the day, where the sleep is at the deepest and where the nightmares are most real captured in a serigraphic print by Danish artist Ingvar Cronhammar.

Minimal and reduced to form and color, Gardar Eide Einarsson’s works belong to a series based on book covers. David Hicks on Bathrooms– a book where the author underlines his believes in being present in a space that enchances our sense of beauty and ourselves.

On a hotbed in steel with eight lacquered resin Natal CrittersLea Porsager creates a cosmic feeling – with a reference to Ovartaci’s female body shaped pipes, which he smoke believering the inhaling of the smoke from the female body would bring him closer to cosmos.

An almost dissolved colored space appear in Mads Gamdrup’s hand rolled glass works with a red handpainted and almost disappearing cosmic circle.


Wishing you a warm Summer and look forward seeing you at the gallery!