Location: Ingen



Tove Storch
Apple Romance
26.08 - 24.10.2020

We are very pleased to present Tove Storch’s third solo show at our gallery. The exhibition title, Apple Romance, is taken from a text which forms part of the exhibition and is written by the freelance curator and writer Paola Paleari.⁠

Encircled by Paola Paleari’s words, five sculptures fill the gallery space in close mutual dialogue. A striking common feature of the works is metal structures clearly bolted together, all of them supporting either heavy plaster or gossamer silk. The interplay of the materials, appearing almost erotic, dissolves the anticipated hierarchies and reactions of the interaction: the weight of liquid plaster deforms an ordered system of aluminium sheets fixed between frames while multiple layers of uneven pieces of silk in delicate shades of pink embrace a bed-like structure, cascading across the framework. The materials have all been dyed with liquid pigment, continuously working its way through the mass, creating a bubbly imprint with a flesh-like effect. ⁠