Location: Ingen

01.03.24 – 13.04.24

NILS STÆRK is pleased to present Michael Kvium's solo exhibition: An Eye For An Eye, which marks the first show at Holbergsgade 19. Please find a link to the portfolio here.

One once said, "An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind". An eye for an eye – a concept as old as time itself, speaking for the desire for justice, for balance in the face of injustice. But is justice truly served by inflicting an equal wound for a wound? If I give you my eyes and my perspective alone, how will you learn that there are other ways to see the world? As we immerse ourselves in Michael Kvium’s solo exhibition, we’re compelled to ponder these questions.

Human figures are meticulously staged against monochrome backgrounds and grey skies; each accompanied by a prop, whether it be a swimsuit, a skull, a blue rubber glove, or an eyeball – each laden with profound symbolism. The interpretation and contextualization of these props are left to the viewer’s discernment.

Central to the narrative of the seven oil paintings on display is the concept of reciprocity – a belief that those who cause suffering should experience an equal measure of it themselves. Yet, as viewers delve deeper into Kvium’s work, they are confronted with the futility of this notion – the realization that vengeance only begets more suffering, ultimately leading to emptiness and despair.

At the heart of the artist’s exploration lies the concept of perspective – how we perceive the world around us and how our perceptions shape our reality. Through his work, Kvium delves into the notion of shifting viewpoints, where objects take on different meanings depending on the observer. This interplay between subjectivity and objectivity catalyzes introspection, prompting us to question our assumptions and biases.

Rather than providing answers, Michael Kvium’s works in An Eye For An Eye invite us to embrace uncertainty and ambiguity, encouraging us to explore the nuances of the human experience. Through minimalistic compositions yet evocative imagery, Kvium creates space for contemplation – a space where emotions are stirred, and thoughts are provoked; a chance to see the world through the eyes of the artist.