Location: Glentevej 49

24.05.24 – 12.07.24

NILS STÆRK is pleased to present Matthew Ronay's solo exhibition: Fruitbody, opening May 24, 4:30–7 pm.

In the hidden depths of nature's tapestry, the 'fruitbody' emerges as a symbol of life's cyclical dance, representing the ever-repeating progression of creation and renewal. Defined as the reproductive structure of fungi, it rises above the surface of its material to seed the environment. Fruitbody, Matthew Ronay's sixth solo exhibition at NILS STÆRK, unveils new wall-based and freestanding dyed basswood sculptures that invite viewers into a realm where tangible forms intertwine with metaphysical energies.

The works on view present unexpected, perplexing objects, revealing intriguing configurations, further enhanced by an appealingly unrelated yet harmonious color spectrum, meticulously developed with Ronay’s longtime collaborator and life partner, Bengü. While the exhibition title serves as a threshold—we encounter shapes emerging out of one another, seemingly natural structures, fruitbodies, intertwining with organic, abstract elements—works like Arborescent, 2024, or Beamed Node, 2024, leave viewers uncertain: Are these underwater formations, glimpses into the inner workings of a body, plant-like structures, or perhaps not carbon-based at all? Through the deconstruction of context, Ronay creates parables of the familiar and the uncannily bizarre, ultimately challenging perceptions of reality.

Ronay’s sculptures are rooted in automatic drawings, allowing the subconscious mind to guide the hand without preconceived notions. By relinquishing control, the artist taps into deeper layers of consciousness, unveiling hidden aspects of the psyche. In creating the drawings for the sculptures showcased in the exhibition, Ronay incorporated the use of a spinning eraser, adding another layer of complexity to the process and enabling the discovery of new forms and textures within his compositions. This texture-driven journey lends the artworks abstraction and depth, fostering a dynamic interplay between form and void that enriches the overarching narrative.

Fruitbody brings forth the core of Ronay's artistry, grounded in his profound understanding of form, where seemingly disparate objects give rise to something surprisingly synthesized while immersing viewers in a haptic experience, prompting reflection on the interconnection of humanity and the natural world.