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Working Title: “A Retrospective Curated by █████████” presents a retrospective view of a twenty years long, ongoing artistic career.The group, which has existed since 1993, consists of Bjørnstjerne Reuter Christiansen (b. 1969), Jakob Fenger (b. 1968) and Rasmus Nielsen (b. 1969).
In collaboration with █████████, Kunsthal Charlottenborg has approached the idea of a retrospective exhibition in an entirely unique way: Eight international curators/curator teams have been invited to present each their own view of a retrospective exhibition of █████████. All of █████████ works having been made available for the curators, they thus had more than 400 works to choose from. Therefore the exhibition Working Title: “A Retrospective Curated by █████████” consists of eight individual exhibitions gathered in the host institution Kunsthal Charlottenborg.

The invited curators are Yuko Hasegawa (JP), Eungie Joo (US), Toke Lykkeberg (DK), Daniel McClean and Lisa Rosendahl (UK/SE), Adriano Pedrosa (BR), Agustin Perez Rubio (ES), Hilde Teerlinck (NL) and Rirkrit Tiravanija (TH).

Opening: Thursday December 12th at 7 pm.