Miriam Bäckström participates in Ars Fennica 2019, Finland. "Bäckström consistently aims for technical precision and innovation, regardless of whether she works with still or moving images. At the same time, she has opened her practice to collaborations that allow for the improvisational and the theatrical. These might be films, live performances or published texts, in which boundaries between the documentary and the fictional, as well as between the original and the appropriated, are speculative transgressed.⁠⠀
Bäckström’s hybrid, experimental practice exploits and subverts the conventions of visualising and story-telling, stagecraft and exhibition-making. Throughout her oeuvre, she has tested conflicting approaches to authorship and subjectivity, performance and spectatorship, the public and the private, fact and fiction. She is always looking for a new image, a new experience, a new emotion – so new that no one will quite know how to perceive and respond to them." - Ars Fennica, 2019. ⁠⠀

The exhibition ends 08.09.19. 

Photo credit: Jussi Tiainen ⁠⠀