Jone Kvie solo exhibition at Stavanger Kunstmuseum.

'Jone Kvie has devoted his artistic practice to exploring the possibilities and limitations of sculpture. His starting points are often phenomena in society and science that we humans can barely comprehend. Through the qualities of the sculptures and materials, he adds new layers of meaning, new spaces of possibility.

For this exhibition, we’ve included works dating back to the early 2000s. It was at this time that he made several sculptures exploring partly-unknown natural phenomena. With his interest in the universe and humanity’s place in it, Kvie explored everything from mineral deposits in places that are difficult to reach, to meteorites and stardust in outer space. Several sculptures are inspired by human exploration of the universe through outer-space travel and the extreme exploitation of natural resources as represented by atomic energy. Indeed, natural science is a stimulus for the artist, but such research-based knowledge never takes precedence when he creates sculpture. Kvie wants to make works that can be experienced on their own premises, for instance respect to their form, use of materials and combination of materials.

In the last few years, Kvie has become increasingly interested in the human body’s encounter with sculpture as form. He has worked with basalt as a material; it interests him partly because basalt dust is not harmful to the human body. He gives the sculptural stones minimal treatment and combines them with elements that show traces of human activity. Kvie’s most recent works include marble, steel and concrete. They are inspired by physical signs of human activity in the landscape. A rusty fence post is a good example: Kvie explores the inherent qualities of such objects and creates works of art that enable physical encounters between themselves and the viewer.' - Stavanger Kunstmuseum 


The exhibition will run from 01.11.2019 - 01.03.2020


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