Superflex is a part of the group exhibition 'The Return of Guests: Selections from the PSA Collection' at the Power Station of Art, Shanghai, China with their work 'Pigs, Time and Space' (2016). 

'Pigs, Time and Space is a film installation that addresses the exchange of pigs between Denmark and China. With a pig as the main protagonist Pigs, Time and Spaceis set in a dream-like universe unfolding the highlights of a historical loop from I Ching, the ancient Book on Divination, to the Schjellerup crater on the moon.

In January 2013 a Boing 747 landed in Nanjing, provincial capital of Jiangsu, with 650 pigs as its passengers. The pigs were transported from Denmark to China to give the Chinese some of the ‘Pink Gold of Denmark’ to breed on. However, this was not the first time an exchange of pigs took place between China and Denmark. Around 150 years ago the Danish pigs were not fat enough for making sausages and bacon, and relied on the help of a group of full fat Chinese pigs for breeding. Historically this group of Chinese pigs actually created the genetic base for today’s Danish world famous pig production.

In Pigs, Time and Space a native Chinese voice tells the tale of migration and identities through ancient mythology and historic events intertwined with the experience of the Pig, voiced by a Danish accented narrator.' - SUPERFLEX

The exhibition runs from 20.09.2019 - 08.03.2020 

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