SUPERFLEX are a part of the long running exhibition 'Being Human' at the Wellcome Collection, London, UK with their work 'Flooded McDonald' (2009)

'Flooded McDonald's is a short film work in which a convincing life-size replica of a McDonald's burger bar gradually floods with water. Furniture is lifted up by the water, trays of food and drinks start to float around, electrics short circuit and eventually the space is completely submerged. The film is devoid of exaggerated disaster-film drama and intentionally resists categorisation as a documentary or as an art film. Flooded McDonald's hints at the consumer-driven power and influence and impotence of large multinational companies in the face of climate change, questioning with whom ultimate responsibility lies. Flooded McDonalds was first exhibited at South London Gallery in 2009.' - SUPERFLEX 

The exhibition runs from 05.09.2019 - 30.09.2021

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