SUPERFLEX will be participating in the group exhibition 'Living in the Present Future' at Bornholms Kunstmuseum. 

Created in collaboration with the National Museum in Stettin, Poland, the exhibition will feature a wide range of both Polish and Danish contemporary art.⁠
The exhibition focuses on what it means to be human in both the present and future. We live in a time when the influence of human civilization on the Earth is so significant that it has been identified as geological epoch called the Anthropocene, meaning ‘the time of man’. Now, we may be transitioning away from this ‘time of man’ and into a new epoch, wherein the boundaries between the environment, humans, and technology are increasingly challenged, and their relationships rapidly hybridising.⁠
SUPERFLEX will be participating in the exhibition with their work We Are All In The Same Boat. Presenting the familiar phrase as an LED light sign reminiscient of a commercial billboard, the work invites the viewer to reflect upon our present role in a world of escalating climate change and an apocalyptic human future while imagining a future world of lively, diverse and perhaps even humanlike lifeforms.⁠
The exhibition will run from 06.10.2019 - 05.01.2020