In the occasion of Carlos Amorales current exhibition 'THE AMORALES BROTHERS' in the online exhibition space MELLEMRUMMET, a presentation of new collages and paintings can be experienced in the gallery showroom. ⁠⁠
We look forward to welcome you.⁠⁠


In recent years, Carlos Amorales has investigated the possibilities of color. His latest series, Jungla de estrellas (Star Jungle), uses fragmented abstraction as a visual language. Each canvas begins with collage, a part of the artists’ practice for years, which is itself a repetitive act with cycles of cutting, placing, and pasting. The compositions are highly intuitively guided by aesthetics to formulate indecipherable typography defined by fragmentation. 

Bubble Mask is another variation, yet they operate in a different color plane of gradients. Placed in the foreground of the painting, a mask seems to be the most acute part. Yet, a mask conceals something from view to cover up a similar linguistic pattern in the background. The mask also appears in the artist's latest video work as a connector image between two worlds, the digital and physical, articulating current shifts in representation.

In both painting series, Amorales draws from past series like El esplendor geométrico (2015) and La Orgía de Narciso (2020), continuing the explorations of color, space and repetition.

Working on these painting series during the height of the pandemic provided an outlet giving consistency and certainty in the most uncertain time. The practice provided a concentrated emotional and energetic outlet, a routine to get lost and find relaxation by literally bringing order to chaos. The centrality of color allowed Amorales to react to the different stimuli of the various hues while detaching from anxiety-ridden reality.