We would like to congratulate Tove Storch with Carl Nielsen and Anne Marie Carl Nielsen Grant's honorary award
Every other year, the grant's honorary award is awarded in turn to musicians/composers and sculptors. The honorary award is the biggest culture award in Denmark. Besides the honor, the artist is rewarded with 750.000 DKK. The award recipients are selected every year by the fund's board and the awards are rewarded as a special recognition of their talent and as encouragement and help for the artist's future work.
Tove Storch receives the Carl Nielsen and Anne Marie Carl Nielsen's honorary award for accentuating and developing her artistic repertoire in a deeply personal and sensitive way. Storch expresses herself in a minimalistic and stringent language of form, where her focus is on examining the interaction of the materials and how they as sculptures exist in time and space.
In some ways, Storch works as a classic sculptor with form, space, and the placement of the sculpture in the space in which they are shown. Yet with the spherical works of hers, she manages to question the essence of the sculpture and how we as viewers are affected by the works.
Text courtesy of The Carl Nielsen and Anne Marie Carl Nielsen Grant.