NILS STÆRK is very pleased to announce that Ed and Deanna Templeton's body of work 'Contemporary Surburbium' has been accepted into the permanent collection at MoMa The Museum of Modern Art.

Photographers Deanna and Ed Templeton’s Contemporary Suburbium examines life in the Southern California suburb of Huntington Beach. Their work offers an insider’s view of living in a place that has long held traditional conservative values, capturing moments in those tract house neighborhoods that fluctuate between innocence and rebellion.

Templeton's point of departure is his own life, both his everyday life and his experiences: Skateboarding, friends, traveling and his relationship with his muse and wife of many years, Deanna. Life as a professional skateboarder affects Templeton's works, and with an outspoken approach to the skater environment that he is himself a part of and an icon of, Templeton presents and comments on his life, the people he meets, and the places he visits on his many travels around the world. The photographs document, often in a very personal manner, a life which is both normal and extreme, ordinary and unusual, raw and intimate. 

           'Contemporary Surburbium' at UTAH MOCA