One site-specific sculpture, a large volcanic rock, borrowed from the Druseltal Quarry in the vicinity of the city, is situated in the public area in Kassel Hauptbahnhof for documenta fifteen. The rock has been transported out of its natural place and presented as a found object in its unmodified and uninterrupted state, with moss, lichen, and grass still growing on it. In this setting, geological or mythological questions of origins, and connections between human civilization and the volcanic rock are brought into play. 
In the public space, people can use the rock as a place to sit down and rest, as a meeting point, or just passing by. 
Another sculptural work is presented in Kasseller Architecturzentrum, as part of an exhibition by the artist group A Stick in the Forest by the Side of the Road. Made of handblown glass, steel, aluminum, and volcanic rock, the sculpture is an interpretation of a planetary Nebula based on a photograph taken by the Hubble Telescope. Made in a glass workshop in Murano in Italy, it follows a line of sculptural works based on images from telescopes made by Kvie in different materials throughout the past decade. 
Through the artist’s process of material translation, Kvie’s works gain an ambiguous presence in time and space, often evoking the unknown, hinting at what we yet do not know. Any relationship to their source material, be it the natural sciences, popular culture, or art history, remains inconclusive.
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