Lea Porsager at Moderna Museet Stockholm

21.11.2020 - 16.05.2021
Consisting of new work, ”Stripped” is Lea Porsager’s first major solo show in Sweden. We are in the realm of sculpture – and at the same time somewhere else entirely, with elements such as magnetic prayer wheels, sexualized icons, digital animation, a saggy beanbag, and blades from a windmill cut into slivers.
A giant set in motion by amorphous wind, the windmill symbolises the power of human imagination. Can we push our imagination further, to glimpse what is on the other side? Do we have any choice but to try, if we want to transform ourselves and our relation to the world?
The exhibition builds on ideas and motifs from tantric meditation, religious painting, and quantum theory. This is in line with how artists and spirit mediums have used technology and scientific discoveries – such as electricity, magnetism and radioactivity – to link immaterial and physical realms. The mixing of science and esoteric knowledge was a search for the spiritual, and challenged modern reason.
Porsager leaves forms and materials both excited and exhausted: vulnerable and intense states through which we can tune in to more-than-human forces. When world views collide and openings arise between different realities, it might create a potential for new experiences and pleasures – and for other interpretations of what and how we know.
- Text by Lars Bang Larsen⁠/Moderna Museet Stockholm⁠⁠
Curator: Lars Bang Larsen



We are pleased to present works by Gert & Uwe Tobias at NILS STÆRK · POP UP at THEIS VINE in Charlottenlund.

The exhibition shows a selection of works from the current presentation in the virtual exhibition space MELLEMRUMMET


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Gert & Uwe Tobias

Gert & Uwe Tobias were born and raised in Transylvania and are currently living in Cologne. They are known for their unique world of motifs, inspired both by the traditional folk myths of their country of origin and current popular culture.


Their practice includes ceramic sculptures, painting, works on paper and large color woodcuts on canvas that combine classic painting genre with a printing technique that can be traced back to traditional ways of printing propaganda and pop art appropriation.



Instead of cutting the figure into the wood, they shape the individual motifs into plywood and use a roller to apply the paint to the surface of the wood which finally transfers the color to the canvas. Thus, Gert and Uwe Tobias further develop this well-known tradition within their own practice. Their artistic universe thus has a direct connection to different art historical and cultural epochs and in this way also reflect an anti-nostalgic use of images in current popular culture.



The figure is always the focal point of the work, whether it is designed sculpturally or picturesquely and its unique design has become a hallmark that places the artist duo firmly on the European contemporary art scene.



Gert & Uwe Tobias (b. 1973 in Kronstadt, Brasov, Romania) lives and works in Cologne, Germany.

Their works are exhibited in a large number of museums around the world. Including solo exhibitions at: Museum of Modern Art, New York; Kunsthalle Recklinghausen; Sprengel Museum, Hanover; Whitechapel, London; Collezione Maramotti, Reggio Emilia; Kunstmuseum Bonn; UCLA, Hammer Museum of Art, Los Angeles.

They are represented in a number of public collections. Including: MoMa, Museum of Modern Art, New York; SFMOMA, San Francisco; UCLA, Hammer Museum of Art, Los Angeles; Collezione Maramotti, Max Mara, Reggio Emilia; Kunstmuseum Bonn; FRAC Auvergne, Clermont Ferrand; Collection Goetz, Munich; Sprengel Museum, Hanover; Graphic State Collection, Munich.



Interspecies Assembly SUPERFLEX x ART 2030

On World Wildlife Day, we are delighted to announce the upcoming collaboration with SUPERFLEX and ART 2030: Interspecies Assembly

Against the backdrop of this critical moment of time – in which humans are waging war on nature, biodiversity is collapsing, and human activity is at the root of Earth’s descent towards chaos - Interspecies Assembly will mark the very first gathering of human and other species on earth, to address the future of our planet and promote interspecies dialogue and cooperation. The mission of Interspecies Assembly: to urgently lay the foundation for peace, harmony, and the right to a strong and sustainable future for all species on planet Earth. The project addresses today’s most urgent issue of protecting the diverse ecosystems and many forms of life across the planet, that are fundamental to global progress and achieving all Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. 

Further details of Interspecies Assembly to be announced. 

Interspecies Assembly is supported by New Carlsberg Foundation, The Obel Family Foundation, TBA21– Academy, Beckett Fonden, and Danish Arts Foundation. 

Our Relationship with this planet has had an enormous impact on its ecosystem, to the extent that we may soon reach the end of our journey. But this also means growth, new exchanges, and, with rising sea levels, the vertical migration of different and new life forms. Perhaps we should see this as an opportunity to reimagine one end as a new beginning.


Engagement with planetary challenges such as biodiversity loss goes beyond a scientific understanding of the phenomena; it requires a cultivation of care and an emotional connection. Great art can make us feel and connect to these complex issues: it can be the agency of change. Great art can affect course of history for all lives. And the time is now.

– Luise Faurschou, Founder and Director of ART 2030

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– The space between the artist’s studio and the gallery⁠

Launching March 12, 2021⁠

We are excited to bring you closer to our artists through a new virtual project space sharing new works and projects from around the world. As the title MELLEMRUMMET designates, a Danish word for ‘the space in between’, the virtual platform marks the halfway between the artist studio and the physical gallery exhibition allowing us to present an insight to the artists’ domains and work processes.⁠

MELLEMRUMMET 1.0 first started in 2009 as a physical exhibition space within the former gallery at Ny Carlsberg Vej in Copenhagen. In 2021, reflecting a most acute reality, we wish to bring forward the renowned and influential platform by launching MELLEMRUMMET 2.0, a virtual reenactment of the former exhibition space.⁠

With the aim to provide an exhibition format that allows the artistic processes and field of activities to unfold, NILS STÆRK – MELLEMRUMMET presents four annual projects. Visitors can explore and collect works from curated exhibitions of gallery artists and special collaborations. Adding another dimension to the art experience, each exhibition will be conveyed entirely from the artist’s perspective, in their own words and through film-based insights from the artist’s studio.⁠

Testing new grounds, MELLEMRUMMET will appear both as a virtual exhibition platform followed by a physical pop-up exhibition from where the artwork(s) on view can be accessed physically. Pop-up exhibitions will be announced continuously. Each of them will take place at an external location in Denmark or abroad on the opening day or as an event halfway during the exhibition period. ⁠


Tove Storch is part of the exhibition 'In A Slow Manner' at Maison Du Danemark. ⁠

Tove Storch is part of the exhibition 'In A Slow Manner' curated by Henriette Noermark at Maison Du Danemark. ⁠

The exhibition is currently open on the new digital platform 'Le Bicolore' by Maison Du Danemark supported by The New Carlsberg Foundation. ⁠⁠
Please click here to visit Le Bicolore ⁠⁠

'In this day and age, perhaps more than ever, we long for physical, tactile experiences, and a slower pace. Time to reflect; to let the mind wander abstractly toward inspiration, returning to the fundamental elements that matter. For In A Slow Manner, ten artists - spanning a vast range of generations, intentions and iterations - have been invited to exhibit sculpture in two and three dimensions, wall tapestries and light objects, thus showcasing various approaches to textile art today.' - Henriette Noermark⁠

Photo credit: Kleinfenn⁠


Photo credit: Kleinfenn⁠


Studio visit with Tove Storch


Video by I DO ART Agency & Le Bicolore


On the occasion of the exhibition ‘In a Slow Manner’ curated by Henriette Noermark at Maison Du Danemark, Paris, FR, ⁠I DO ART Agency visited Tove Storch in her studio in Copenhagen.⁠⁠
The exhibition is currently open on the new digital platform 'Le Bicolore' by Maison Du Danemark supported by The New Carlsberg Foundation. ⁠⁠
Please click here to visit 'Le Bicolore'
Language: Danish⁠⁠
Subtitles: French⁠⁠



5 works by Tove Storch all titled 'Untitled' (2007-2008) are now part of the permanent collection at the National Museum of Denmark

We are proud to announce that 5 works by Tove Storch all titled 'Untitled' (2007-2008) are now part of the permanent collection at the National Museum of Denmark.

The work was purchased with funds provided by the New Carlsberg Foundation 2020. ⁠⁠

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"The works were made by folding a piece of paper, photographing it, printing the picture and trying to fold the new piece of paper in the same way again so that the shadows are repeated. I made these early paper works at a time when I was interested in how spatiality could be indicated on a plane. I spent a lot of time looking at 3D visualisations of various shapes and was fascinated by the shadow gradients. I became curious to see whether a form could be made ultra-voluminous by applying shadows to it in the same way that light falls on it naturally, making it twice as clear, twice as real." - Tove Storch


Tove Storch, Untitled, 2007, Framed lazer print on on folded paper, Paper Dimensions: 41 x 27.3 cm (16.14 x 10.75 in)


Tove Storch, Untitled, 2007, Framed lazer print on on folded paper, Paper Dimensions: 27.5 x 19.5 cm (10.83 x 7.68 in)


Tove Storch, Untitled, 2007, Framed lazer print on on folded paper, Paper Dimensions: 27 x 19.5 cm (10.63 x 7.68 in)


Tove Storch, Untitled, 2007, Framed lazer print on on folded paper, Paper Dimensions: 27.5 x 19.7 cm (10.83 x 7.76 in)


Michael Kvium in conversation with Mikkel Hansen & FALLUCKA

In Michael Kvium's studio, FALLUCKA is invited inside together with the world's best handball player Mikkel Hansen for a conversation on their passions for art, the ability to refine their skills, about doubts, about daring to fail, about personal development, about past, present and future. ⁠⁠
The conversation is out now on Cultural Bandwidth. ⁠⁠

Language: Danish ⁠⁠

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