Superflex 'One Two Three Swing!' in Desert X AlUla

One Two Three Swing! is a part of the Desert X AlUla from 31st January until 7th March 2020.

Desert X AlUla is organised collaboratively by Desert X and the Royal Commission of AlUla (RCU), the exhibition takes place in the desert of AlUla, an ancient oasis in Saudi Arabia. It is the first site-reponsive exhibition of its kind in Saudi Arabia. The exhibition is a cross-cultural dialogue between artists from Saudi Arabia and its surrounding region and artists from previous iterations of Desert X in California, taking its cues from the extraordinary landscape and historical significance of AlUla.
One Two Three Swing!
To exist in a global economy is to be in constant swing; periods of intense flux are interrupted by moments of sudden paralysis. These movements are causal, and capital connects us all, for better or worse. But perhaps we can harness this movement ourselves. Comprised of several sets of three-seated swings conjoined by a zig-zagging orange support, One Two Three Swing! invites its users to activate the socially transformative potential of collective movement, challenging society’s apathy towards the political, environmental and economic crises of our age. The multi-user swing acts as a human- powered pendulum, converting energy into movement that is almost flight: rocking, moving, propelling backward and forward with increasing momentum in a process of ever shifting equilibrium and play.

The swing’s users must utilize the forces of gravity through coordinated pushings and pullings, until everyone moves into full swing together. In this playful moment, the potential energy of group movement is released. Perhaps it is possible, then, to shift the impact of our collective action to achieve a different kind of global momentum, and utilize the act of swinging together as a means of social and political transformation. First installed at the Tate Modern Turbine Hall in 2017, various site-specific installations of the swing-set continue to be created on a great diversity of contexts, such as AlUla in Saudi Arabia, the DMZ area in South Korea and Vordingborg in Denmark. The color-scheme of the swings themselves represents the specific colors of the national currency of the country in which the swings are installed. Over time, the work will evolve as the orange support continues to grow and new swings are added into the wider world.

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Superflex at BBC Sounds 'Design or humans and marine life'

'What do you get when you put a Danish artist group together with oceanographers, material scientists, and marine biologists? The answer is an idea which might just change the way we imagine and design our environments in response to rising sea levels.

As warnings about the effects of global warming escalate, Superflex - an art group founded by Jakob Fenger, Bjørnstjerne Christiansen and Rasmus Nielsen in 1993 – have been working on a long term project to imagine a world where the original function and aesthetics of our carefully designed world may be lost to the tide.

Commissioned by TBA21-Academy, the project is called Deep Sea Minding and it considers whether it’s possible to design and create structures that could serve the needs and desires of both humans and marine life.

So in their headquarters in Copenhagen, the team at Superflex are mixing concrete and amino acids together to see whether they can create bricks to make houses and schools which can be occupied by humans first and then fish. They’re also preparing a prototype structure to be placed on the seabed to test the responses of fish to this new material.

Over the course of nine months Laura Hubber joins Rasmus Nielsen from Superflex for one leg of their epic journey –taking in California, Copenhagen and Jamaica - and meeting a Mermaid along the way. Presented by Laura Hubber and produced by Emma Kingsley and Ella-mai Robey for BBC World Service.

Original music from Dive-In composed by Dark Morph (Jón Þór Birgisson and Carl Michael von Hausswolff)' - BBC Sounds

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Jone Kvie new book 'Here, here'

The book is published on the occasion of the exhibition 'Jone Kvie, Here, here' at Stavanger Art Museum, 1 November 2019 – 1 March 2020.⁠

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Torbjørn Rødland is a part of 'New Visions' at The Henie Onstad Triennial for Photography and New media, Norway

21st Feb - 16th May 2020

'The inaugural Triennial for Photography and New Media at Henie Onstad Kunstsenter in Norway will bring together recent work of 31 international artists. It will be the first major international presentation of its kind in Norway and will fill all three gallery spaces of the ground floor at the museum.

The inaugural edition foregrounds practices that acknowledge the fluctuating and networked condition of contemporary photography and society more generally, while also articulating a keen sensitivity towards the history of photography and art. Abstraction, digital and manual collage, new configurations of still life and the human body are key tendencies. The works on view are produced within the last three years and several are exhibited for the first time.

The first edition is titled New Visions, referring to the program for a New Vision developed by László Moholy-Nagy in the interwar period, and that greatly impacted experimental photography throughout the 20th-century.' - Heine Onstad Kunstsenter 

Torbjørn Rødland
Horse and Broom, 2019
Chromogenic print, Kodak Endura paper
80 x 105 cm Image dimensions

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Carlos Amorales new book 'The Factory'

Carlos Amorales – The Factory is the first European retrospective exhibition by multidisciplinary artist Carlos Amorales. It showcases the work of one of Mexico’s most important contemporary artists from the 1990s to the present day.

Carlos Amorales made an extraordinary artist book that accompanies the exhibition, together with the Amsterdam-based designers Mevis & Van Deursen. Amorales collaborated with Mevis & Van Deursen in 2000 on his first book Los Amorales, which is now a collector’s item.

By plunging into the depths of a single silhouette taken from Carlos Amorales’s Liquid Archive, letting it run amok and infinitely transform, this highly original artist book coaxes a disturbing understanding of both Carlos Amorales’s recent practice and the perversions of our time.

Including an enlightening manifesto by the artist and a new, enthralling text by author Reinaldo Laddaga, embedded in interweaving and overlapping layers of comic-book-like frames designed by Elsa-Louise Manceaux.



Mads Gamdrup is a part of the group exhibition 'Grønningen 2020' at Den Frie

Mads Gamdrup is a part of the group exhibition 'Grønningen 2020' at Den Frie until 16.02.2020


Book signing of 'Michael Kvium - A Retrospective' at Nils Stærk

We are pleased to launch the new publication Michael Kvium - A Retrospective from the publisher Scheidegger & Spiess on Saturday, January 18. ⁠

Book signing at Nils Stærk⁠
18.01.2020 · 13:30 - 15:00⁠

The book looks back on a life’s work from the early 1980s until today. It will be possible to purchase the book at the gallery or through our webshop at ⁠from January 18.⁠