Ed Templeton: Wires Crossed

Ed Templeton's solo-exhibition Wires Crossed, at Bonnefanten Museum, Maastricht.⁠

The exhibition will run until 17.09.23⁠

"In Wires Crossed, Templeton shares all aspects of his life and the lives of his friends and colleagues. "Nobody seemed bothered that I took photos." On their long tours, they explore their own boundaries, both physical and mental. The photos show the twilight zone between adolescence and adult life: jokes, broken bones, boredom, arguments and sex. ⁠

Through the detailed visual reports - just before mobiles and social media were to change society for good - Templeton gives the skateboarders a face. They are not caricatures of unruly kids, but profound personalities, searching for themselves and for their place in life, at the most spectacular locations." ⁠


FOS: Warm Leatherette at Etage Projects, Copenhagen

FOS' solo exhibition Warm Leatherette is currently on view at Etage Projects, Copenhagen.⁠

The exhibition is open until 08.04.23⁠

"Warm Leatherette is a song by synth pop band The Normal, inspired by J. G. Ballard’s Crash. The book conflates the functionality of the automobiles with that of the human body: instead of a whiplash, the car crash unleashes a new sexual fetishism, born out of a perverse technology. “The handbrake penetrates your thigh. Quick let's make love before we die”. "⁠

For more information, please click here 

Photos by Robert Damisch @r.damisch ⁠


Gardar Eide Einarsson is a part of the group exhibition MONOCHROMES⁠

Gardar Eide Einarsson's Permanent Green Light is a part of the group exhibition MONOCHROMES⁠ at Medhi Chouakri, Berlin.⁠

The exhibition is open until 15.04.23⁠

A continuation of the artist’s interest in the act of covering up the white canvas as painting in its most basic form, the work Permanent Green Light exists in relation to the Fluorescent Pink and Stainless Steel series. It, like those, takes the color itself as the “found” element and as the title of the work - a title that in this case also carries a message of anything goes. In addition, the green has connotations of a “green screen”: an empty space that can be filled with whatever image is desired. ⁠


Runo Lagomarsino: We are here because you were there

Runo Lagomarsino's exhibition we are here because you were there, is currently on view at BASE Progetti per l’arte in Florence.⁠

The exhibition is open until 15.04.23.⁠

The exhibited works range from the large photograph/collage on fabric (made starting from the reproduction of the painting by Giuseppe Pellizza da Volpedo, "Il Quarto Stato" of 1902, in which the photo of a group of people during a demonstration in Chile in 1988), to the “Air d'exil” installation with hand-blown glass capsules with which the artist evokes the exile of his parents from Argentina due to the military coup of 1976. ⁠


SUPERFLEX at CPH:DOX. Psychoplankton (2022).

We are very pleased to announce that Superflex is participation in CPH:DOX with Psychoplankton (2022).

March 15 to March 26. 
Kunsthal Charlottenborg

Once again, SUPERFLEX will participate at the Copenhagen international documentary film festival CPH:DOX.  As part of the line-up in the festival’s INTER:ACTIVE exhibition at Kunsthal Charlottenborg, the interactive animation Psychoplankton (2022) will be available for the first time to the Copenhagen audience.

Through VR technology, Psychoplankton takes the viewer on a transcendental journey from the macro to the microscopic world, gradually morphing their perspective to the one of a phytoplankton: creatures too small to see at naked eye but able to form masses large enough to be seen from space.

Psychoplankton was developed in close collaboration with Khora Contemporary and The Animation Workshop. Commissioned by Viborg Kunsthal / Viborg UNESCO City of Media Art. Supported by the Danish Art Council, Obelske Familiefond Augustinus Foundation and Viborg Municipality.

For further information and to purchase your ticket, visit this link:




Gardar Eide Einarsson is now a part of the permanent collection at The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, TX

We are very pleased to announce that Gardar Eide Einarsson's Not Yet Titled (Traffic cones) (2011) and Liberty Forever (2015) are now part of the permanent collection at The Modern.

In Gardar Eide Einarsson's works, the ideas of personal liberty, belonging, inclusion/ exclusion, and propaganda are explored with a view to what role culture plays in ideological systems and how artists and art institutions both are implicated in the dominant structures while at the same time perhaps offering a way around and outside them. He addresses this subject matter through diverse media such as installations, paintings, sculptures, etc. in a deadpan and often humorous way and with an awareness of the institutional context of contemporary art.

On view now. New Acquisitions, The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth.

Images by Evie Marie Bishop. Courtesy of the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth.



Lea Porsager is now part of the permanent collection at Fuglsang Kunstmuseum

We are very pleased to announce that Lea Porsager's 'G.O.D [GENERATOR.ORGANIZER.DESTROYER]' (2020) is now part of the permanent collection at Fuglsang Kunstmuseum, DK.

Lea Porsager’s works encompass science, feminism, esotericism, and politics. From dissected windmills to principles of quantum physics, Porsager’s practice combines a variety of mediums, including film, sculpture, photography and text, with scientific and spiritual ideas to examine ideas and phenomena.

Porsager’s recent solo exhibitions include Kunsthal Charlottenborg (DK), Moderna Museet (SE) and FuturDome (IT) Museum of Contemporary Art, Roskilde (DK). Porsager’s earthwork and memorial Gravitational Ripples was inaugurated in June 2018 in Stockholm, Sweden, commemorating the Swedish lives lost in the 2004 tsunami in Southeast Asia.

The purchase is supported by the Agency for Culture and Palaces and Friends of Fuglsang Kunstmuseum

Photo courtesy of Fuglsang Kunstmuseum


Rebecca Lindsmyr's 'Untitled' (2020) is now part of the permanent collection at S.M.A.K,

We are very pleased to announce that Rebecca Lindsmyr's 'Untitled' (2020) is now part of the permanent collection at S.M.A.K, Museum Stedelijk Museum voor Actuele Kunst in Ghent, BE.

The work of Rebecca Lindsmyr evolves from an interest in the complexities of the embodied self - as simultaneously being a subject of experience and an object in the world. These dual, or multiple vantage points render the self sensitive to relations of power, as well as historically, politically, socially, and emotionally shifting understandings of the body. Due to this sensitivity, the embodied self becomes a mirror of its time and context; as time penetrates it and continuously (re)shapes it.