Runo Lagomarsino is a part of the exhibition 'No one would have believed' at Netwerk Aalst, Belgium

The exhibition will run until 14.03.2021

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"No one would have believed is an exhibition that brings art, popular culture and politics together. It focusses on the work by two contemporary artists, Runo Lagomarsino and Wendy Morris, that rethinks the legacy of colonialism and science fiction, departing from the work of Brazilian born artist Henrique Alvim Corrêa (1876-1910), best known for his astonishing illustrations for The War of The Worlds by H. G. Wells.

The exhibition is curated by Fernanda Pitta and Laurens Dhaenens." - Netwerk Aalst


Runo Lagomarsino
'Tales from the Underworld' 2020
White matchboxes with dead insects from the Ethnographical Museum in Berlin laid down on top of a piece of newspaper


Runo Lagomarsino
'Which horizons behind us we too quickly forgotten ?', 2020
High heat stamp applied to wall




NILS STÆRK søger praktikant

Kunne du tænke dig at blive praktikant hos NILS STÆRK?

NILS STÆRK er et galleri med en international kunstnerisk profil beliggende i Københavns Nordvestkvarter. Galleriet blev etableret i 1997 af Nils Stærk og repræsenterer i dag en række nationale og internationale kunstnere, der arbejder i et bredt kunstnerisk udtryk. Galleriet deltager årligt på forskellige kunstmesser, herunder Art Basel.

Vi leder efter en praktikant, som:

  • Har viden om og interesse for kunst og kommunikation
  • Er i gang med en relevant universitetsuddannelse
  • Har lyst til at gøre en god indsats og lære nyt
  • Har ordenssans og øje for detaljer
  • Er god til at tage ansvar for egne opgaver
  • Er en god kollega, som gerne hjælper med praktiske opgaver, når der er brug for det
  • Er engageret og imødekommende

Som praktikant vil du indgå i galleriets daglige drift, yde faglig og praktisk assistance i forbindelse med bl.a. forberedelse af udstillinger og messeplanlægning med mere. Du vil få en række selvstændige opgaver som aftaltes i din praktik-kontrakt med Universitetet og du skal også være parat til at hjælpe med praktiske opgaver i dagligdagen.

Du får kendskab til, hvad det vil sige at drive et galleri med en international profil, herunder samarbejdet med kunstnerne, forberedelse af de løbende udstillinger i galleriet og galleriets deltagelse på kunstmesser i ind- og udland.

Vi tilbyder en praktikstilling i perioden februar – juni 2021. Praktikstillingen tilrettelægges efter de af universitetet udstukne retningslinjer for meritgivende praktik. Praktikken er ulønnet.

Send en motiveret ansøgning på max. 1 side samt CV til inden den 4. januar 2021.  


Runo Lagomarsino participates in the online seminar "Possible Monuments? The role of art in making Swedish colonial history publicly visible" with Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art


Runo Lagomarsino participates in the online seminar "Possible Monuments? The role of art in making Swedish colonial history publicly visible" 26.11.2020 at 16:00 CET with Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art.

Browse to get a first look at the project and follow the conversation, when Runo tells us more about his proposal.

Organised in collaboration by Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art and Statens konstråd, the seminar is part of the biennial's ongoing engagement with Franska tomten and alternative historiography.

Please click here to attend


'Considering recent actions directed at public statues with colonial connotations, as well as the underdiscussed Swedish involvement in colonial trade, the seminar addresses the need of remembrance and memorialization in honour of the victims of colonialism and its contemporary consequences.

How can we open existing monuments to re-contextualization? What role can art play in making Swedish colonial history publicly visible? How can new monuments, be it material or immaterial, trace past to present? How should a potential future commissioning process be conducted to avoid reproducing existing structures of inequality and exclusion? Is there indeed such a thing as a possible monument, and if so: for whom and by whom should such monuments be made?

Since 2019, the biennial has initiated a series of seminars and artistic commissions on the topic of the visual representation in public space of Sweden’s colonial past and its contemporary consequences. For the seminar artists and writers have been invited to respond to Franska tomten, a site in Gothenburg harbour with connections to Sweden's colonial activities in the Caribbean' - Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art






SUPERFLEX' work 'Like A Force Of Nature' is now up as a permanent installation in Wynwood, Miami

SUPERFLEX' work 'Like A Force Of Nature' is now up as a permanent installation in Wynwood, Miami.⁠⠀
Like A Force Of Nature / Mexican Pesos in Miami ⁠⠀
For centuries currency has been a denominator of national identity. In itself without value but sanctioned by a state-like institution, it becomes a tool for exchange and speculation. Designs of currency highlight cultural and national pride in form of events, artefacts or individuals. While coins are produced in metals and alloys, the paper notes are equipped with an additional component: Color. ⁠⠀
The colour schemes add a more subtle part of the story, one that represents a common spirit. Combined, the banknotes serve both as an idealised portrait and a placeholder for value. ⁠⠀
Around 300 BCE Indian mathematicians discovered a recurring sequence of numbers in Sanskrit poetry. Later introduced to Western Europe by the Italian mathematician Fibonacci, it is known today as the Fibonacci numbers. ⁠⠀
The sequence is descriptive of a mathematical relation of numbers that also appears naturally in all kinds of growth in nature; from patterns of sunflower seeds through leafs of tree branches to fish skin colorations. It seems as it is nature’s blueprint for expansion. ⁠⠀
With Like a Force of Nature, SUPERFLEX merges these two phenomenons into a format of contradiction. The color palette is formed by the Mexican Pesos and a Fibonacci based pattern. The flickering appearance underlines the overwhelming experience of our current economic systems as natural as volcanos or tsunamis, almost like a force of nature. ⁠⠀
Like A Force of Nature in Miami is created in collaboration with Esrawe Studio and Rasmus Koch Studio for Grupo ARCA.
Photo: César Béjar ⠀
Photo: César Béjar ⠀
Photo: César Béjar 


Darío Escobar at Denver Art Museum

Darío Escobar will be a part of the exhibition: 'ReVisión: Art in the Americas' at Denver Art Museum, Denver, Colorado with his wor 'Untitled' (2000-2007)

Dates to be announced 

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Work Details: 

Dario Escobar 
Untitled, 2000-2007
Silver & tin embossed on wood and plastic
12,7 x 20,3 x 78,8 cm (5 x 7,99 x 31,02 in)

Collection Pérez Art Museum, Miami.