Eduardo Terrazas - Cosmos
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Cosmos: Silence and Infinite offers new approaches on the stunning art works of Eduardo Terrazas’s (1936) art works. Four well known authors present a multidisciplinary vision on the artists ongoing series Possibilities of a Structure. Which suggests at once a curiosity in the fabric of our universe and a profoundly human hope for an underlying rationality behind the chaos of the work.

Eduardo Terrazas’s has explored a lifetime’s worth of questions about the nature of the universe through the microcosm of his images. He derives his visual reflections with a basic geometric structure and a technique that is inspired by the Huichol “tablas” from Mexican indigenous tribes. His highly colourful and playful series Possibilities of a Structure – of which Cosmos is a subseries – is ongoing since 1974 and holds over 650 works until today: an artistic exploration of the boundaries of the infinite.

With contributions by Marcus Du Sautoy, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Guillermo Fadanelli, Arnauld Pierre

Published by Hirmer Publishers.

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Eduardo Terrazas - Cosmos

By Eduardo Terrazas

€ 50,- (40 excl. danish VAT)