Ingvar Cronhammar: Design
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Produced on the occasion of the renowned artist Ingvar Cronhammar’s solo exhibition Ingvar Cronhammar – Design at HEART (Herning Museum of Contemporary Art), this book celebrates Cronhammar’s impact on the last four decades of the artscene in Denmark. HEART owns 20 works by Cronhammar, thereof 13 sculptures. Most of the sculptures in the collection are born in the Cronhammarian shadowlands, a mix between a creationzone and a psycho-geographical territory that Cronhammar discloses as a black and red area. The last couple of years, Cronhammar has designed a number of objects; lamps, cutlery, benches, chairs, but these exist inbetween art and design. The exhibtion is therefore an examination of the borderline between design and art in Ingvar Cronhammar’s oeuvre.


Ingvar Cronhammar: Design

By Ingvar Cronhammar

€ 40,- (32 excl. danish VAT)