Olaf Breuning and Daniel Guzman


Olaf Breuning and Daniel Guzmán are currently participating in the group exhibition Hareng Saur: Ensor and Contemporary Art. The exhibition takes place simultaniously at the S.M.A.K. as well as the Museum of Fine Arts, both located in Gent, BE.


Ingvar Cronhammar


Ingvar Cronhammar has created the exhibition architecture for the exhibition Queen Margrethe II of Denmark and Archaeology at the National Museum of Denmark

The exhibition highlights the queen of Denmark Margrethe the 2nd’s great interest in archeology and is a celebration of the Queen’s 70th birthday on April 16th this year. The exhibition has travelled to The National Museum from Moesgaard Museum.


Gardar Eide Einarsson


Gardar Eide Einarsson’s solo exhibition Power has a Fragrance will be on display at Reykjavik Art Museum from October 21st until January 9th 2011.

The exhibition will also travel to Bonniers Kunsthalle in Stockholm and Kunsthalle Friedericianum in Kassel.


Miriam Bäckström


Miriam Bäcktröm is participating at the group exhibition Ort at Rathaus Gallerie Kunsthalle in München, DE


Miriam Bäckström


We are happy to participate in ABC – Art Berlin Contemporary this year. We will present Miriam Bäckström’s work Ten Variations of Light as part of the exhibition Light Camera Action.

The exhibition is on display from October 7-10 2010.


Miriam Bäckström


Miriam Bäckström is participating in the group exhibition Scene shifts at Bonniers Kunsthalle in Stockholm, SE. The exhibition period is September 29th 2010 – January 9th 2011.


Jone Kvie


Jone Kvie is participating at the group exhibition “Border District” at Haugar Art Museum in Tønsberg, Norway.

The exhibition period is September 23rd – November 14th 2010.