Gardar Eide Einarsson


Gardar Eide Einarssons solo exhibition Power has a Fragrance will be on display at Kunsthalle Friedericianum in Kassel from June 25th until September 11th 2011.

The exhibition was previously shown at Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art in Oslo, the Reykjavik Art Museum, and most recently at Bonniers Konsthalle in Stockholm.




We are happy to announce that Superflexs film Burning Car on display at the exhibition I drive therefore I am at the Museum Tinguely in Basel. The exhibition will be on display from June 8th until October 9th 2011.


Ingvar Cronhammar


The exhibition Ideal ein Gespäch by Ingvar Cronhammar and Morten Stræde is a dialogue project consisting of two large scale sculptures.

The exhibition will be on display at Vendsyssel Museum of Art from May 28th until August 21st 2011.

We are very happy to announce that we will present the exhibition this September after which it will travel to the Funen Art Museum.


Olaf Breuning and Torbjørn Rødland


Olaf Breuning and Torbjørn Rødland are currently participating at the group exhibition Train Fantome at Galerie Cruise and Callas in Berlin.

The exhibition opens on April 30th and will be on display until July 2nd 2011.



Superflex will be participating in the group exhibition Small Fires at the non-profit space Sint-Lukasgaleri in Brussels.

The exhibition presents works by Edward Ruscha (USA), Bruce Nauman (USA), Jonathan Monk (UK), Superflex (DK), Keren Cytter (IL), Thomas Galler (CH), Reynold Reynolds (USA), Rosemary Laing (AUS), Ariel Schlesinger (IL), Leo Copers (B), and Erich Weiss (B).

The exhibition opens on April 28th and will be on display until May 28th.


Miriam Bäckström


As part of Moderna Museets new presentation of their permanent photographic collection, Miriam Bäckströms works will be part of the exhibition Another story – but which one?.

The exhibition opens with a preview on April 15th at 19.30 – 21.30.




As part of the IHME Contemporary Art Festival Superflexs film Modern Times Forever begins at March 23rd at the Stora Enso Building in Helsinki. The film will be the longest film ever made as it lasts until April 2nd.


Tom Sandberg


From March 3rd to May 10th 2011 it will be possible to view photographic works by Tom Sandberg at Oslo Central Station. The exhibition is arranged by Rom for kunst – a project that works to promote the production and display of temporary art in public arenas, such as the Oslo Central Station. Rom for kunst is initiated by Rom Eiendom AS.