Superflex - In Our Dreams We Have A Plan - at Kukje Gallery Busan

Superflex solo-exhibition at Kukje Gallery Busan, Busan, South Korea.

'One's hopes and goals are as individual as can be, but the ability to imagine oneself in a bettered future is a common human denominator. Lived experiences are processed in our brains while asleep, synthesised into often nonsensical scenarios. Interpreted as omens, parallel realms or mere chemical processes, our dreams inspire us in waking life and are transmuted into reality.

We tend to equate the realisation of our dreams with economic growth. Be it the dreams of a home, an education or simply more possessions, we seem to be unable to escape this equation. However, devastating financial crises are reoccurring, as certain and forceful as high tide or solar eclipse. And the sum of our dream-chasing keeps piling up: What is left is the icons of these failed plans, and the radical and irreversible changes to our planet. What would be an improved future for one will become a disaster for all.

Our dreams and reality are reciprocally linked. But it seems as if this link is somehow corrupted, caught in a simultaneously productive and destructive loop. While it remains unclear whether we need to dream of better plans or execute these plans better, we need to somehow re-calibrate this relationship to change course. ' - SUPERFLEX

The exhibition runs from 14.08.2019 - 27.10.2019

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Jone Kvie solo exhibition at Stavanger Kunstmuseum

Jone Kvie solo exhibition at Stavanger Kunstmuseum.

'Jone Kvie has devoted his artistic practice to exploring the possibilities and limitations of sculpture. His starting points are often phenomena in society and science that we humans can barely comprehend. Through the qualities of the sculptures and materials, he adds new layers of meaning, new spaces of possibility.

For this exhibition, we’ve included works dating back to the early 2000s. It was at this time that he made several sculptures exploring partly-unknown natural phenomena. With his interest in the universe and humanity’s place in it, Kvie explored everything from mineral deposits in places that are difficult to reach, to meteorites and stardust in outer space. Several sculptures are inspired by human exploration of the universe through outer-space travel and the extreme exploitation of natural resources as represented by atomic energy. Indeed, natural science is a stimulus for the artist, but such research-based knowledge never takes precedence when he creates sculpture. Kvie wants to make works that can be experienced on their own premises, for instance respect to their form, use of materials and combination of materials.

In the last few years, Kvie has become increasingly interested in the human body’s encounter with sculpture as form. He has worked with basalt as a material; it interests him partly because basalt dust is not harmful to the human body. He gives the sculptural stones minimal treatment and combines them with elements that show traces of human activity. Kvie’s most recent works include marble, steel and concrete. They are inspired by physical signs of human activity in the landscape. A rusty fence post is a good example: Kvie explores the inherent qualities of such objects and creates works of art that enable physical encounters between themselves and the viewer.' - Stavanger Kunstmuseum 


The exhibition will run from 01.11.2019 - 01.03.2020


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Dario Escobar solo exhibition at Art Nexus Bogota

Art Nexus Bogota will be opening the solo exhibition 'Darío Escobar: Tras la huella de la serpiente roja' with Dario Escobar. The exhibition will be opening on Saturday, September 21, 2019.⁠

Darío Escobar’s work often makes use of the concept of the readymade, but the objects Escobar choose are always altered in some way or another. Through the alterations as well as the placement in an artistic context, the objects gain new meanings. General themes in Escobar’s work are the complex relations between globalization, aesthetics, colonialism, modernism and consumerism.⁠


Eduardo Terrazas - Cosmos at Museo Experimental El Eco, Mexico City, MX

Eduardo Terrazas 'Cosmos' at Museo Experimental El Eco in Mexico City. 'In the COSMOS of Eduardo Terrazas several times coexist simultaneously: the westernized and the non-westernized; the fast and the slow; the relationship with the environment and the relationship with oneself. COSMOS is one of several series in which the artist has been working for decades (others are more recent) and who manifest a clear interest in operating from a logic that is based on permanent inquiry, without closure, insisting on fundamental issues within the universe' - Museo Experimental El Eco.⠀⠀⁠⠀


Lea Porsager - (WEAK) FORCE, Museum of Contemporary Art, Roskilde, DK

Artist Lea Porsager's exhibition [WEAK] FORCE is a promiscuous play between spiritual and quantum physics. The exhibition goes to quantum physics through tantric practice and Kundalini technology. In the exhibition with Lea Porsager you can see, among other works, the work HORNY VACUUM. It consists of a 3D animated film; three telescopic steel horns; two red, inflated 'eco-tech tube walls' used to curb flooding, and a Baculum, a penis bone from a walrus pierced and transformed into a spiritual horn. 

Lea Porsagerh has attended a residency programme at CERN - the European Organization for High Energy Physics. Out of this meeting, the exhibition [WEAK] FORCE, inspired by the neutrino, springs. The neutrino is the mysterious elemental particle also called "The Ghost Particle", which physicist Wolfgang Pauli conceived of in 1930. The mass of neutrinos is 100,000 times smaller than the electrons and the body is constantly penetrated by these small particles coming from outer space. Neutrino horns are used for particle tests at CERN. Briefly, the neutrino horn is used to focus a neutrinoflow to a beam. In this way, it becomes possible to study these intangible particles that constantly bombard the earth. 

In Porsager's 3D animations, the spectator floats like a neutrino particle through virtual neutrino horns - accompanied by a pulsating sound of gong and mantras. The movies must be experienced With 3D anaglyph glasses on. Porsager's special glasses extend the limited human sensory system with an extra glass - a third eye.

The exhibition is supported by the Obelske Family Fund and the Beckett Foundation. The work HORNY VACUUM is donated to the museum's collection of the New Carlsberg Foundation and has been represented at the 2019 BLOOM festival.

Roskilde Festival and BLOOM are both partners at the exhibition.

The LP is supported by the Augustinus Foundation.

CØSMIC STRIKE is created as part of the Collide International Award, Arts at CERN and FACT, and coproduced by ScANNER. Supported by Danish Arts Foundation.


Torbjørn Rødland - Fifth Honeymoon, KIASMA The Finnish National Gallery, Helsinki, FI

KIASMA, The Finnish National Gallery in Helsinki, Finland will be showing the traveling solo exhibition Fifth Honeymoon opening 13.09.2019. 

The Museum writes: The feeling of unease is often present in Rødland’s photographs. In his works the viewer encounters an ambiguous scene which may be the result of either tenderness or violence. The subject is often a person in a disturbingly intimate situation filled with tension and which allows multiple interpretations.

Although Rødland’s medium is photography, the key work in the exhibition Fifth Honeymoon is the new film Between Fork and Ladder, shot in Los Angeles and the scenic landscape of Norway’s Lofoten Islands."

The exhibition will run until  05.01.2020. 


Michael Kvium - Skitsen, Museet Holmen, Løgumkloster, Dk

Museet Holmen, Løgumkloster, Denmark presents the exhibition Skitsen by Michael Kvium. 


Olaf Breuning - Kapital Melancholia, DFK-Funen Art Academy, Odense, DK

Olaf Breuning participates in Kapital Melancholia - advent calendar show at DFK-Funen Art Academy, Odense, DK.