FOS: Warm Leatherette at Etage Projects, Copenhagen

FOS' solo exhibition Warm Leatherette is currently on view at Etage Projects, Copenhagen.⁠

The exhibition is open until 08.04.23⁠

"Warm Leatherette is a song by synth pop band The Normal, inspired by J. G. Ballard’s Crash. The book conflates the functionality of the automobiles with that of the human body: instead of a whiplash, the car crash unleashes a new sexual fetishism, born out of a perverse technology. “The handbrake penetrates your thigh. Quick let's make love before we die”. "⁠

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Photos by Robert Damisch @r.damisch ⁠


Runo Lagomarsino: We are here because you were there

Runo Lagomarsino's exhibition we are here because you were there, is currently on view at BASE Progetti per l’arte in Florence.⁠

The exhibition is open until 15.04.23.⁠

The exhibited works range from the large photograph/collage on fabric (made starting from the reproduction of the painting by Giuseppe Pellizza da Volpedo, "Il Quarto Stato" of 1902, in which the photo of a group of people during a demonstration in Chile in 1988), to the “Air d'exil” installation with hand-blown glass capsules with which the artist evokes the exile of his parents from Argentina due to the military coup of 1976. ⁠


Matthew Ronay: The Crack, the Swell, an Earth, an Ode

Matthew Ronay's solo exhibition "The Crack, the Swell, an Earth, an Ode" opens today at Nasher Sculpture Center. 

Titled The Crack, the Swell, an Earth, an Ode, the nearly 24-foot-long sculpture offers a comprehensive introduction to Ronay’s surreal worlds and the various creatures inhabiting them. Representing that tension between abstraction and representation, the various connected elements in The Crack achieve what Ronay describes as “the razor’s edge of familiar and unfamiliar; you think you’re seeing something, but you’re not quite sure.”


The exhibition is open until 15.01.2023.



Darío Escobar, "Words are Silver, Silence is Golden" at MUNAL

Darío Escobar's solo exhibition "Words are Silver, Silence is Golden" at MUNAL is now open. The exhibition runs until 12.03.23.

To read the full exhibition text, written by José Luis Falconi, please click here. And for more information on the exhibition, click here.





Runo Lagomarsino 'A Cloud of Smoke' at Galleri Format

Runo Lagomarsino's solo exhibition A Cloud of Smoke, is now open at Galleri Format, Malmø

The show runs until 27.02.2022⁠

To read the full exhibition text, written by Avram Alpert, please click here. Text courtesy of Galleri Format, Malmø.



SUPERFLEX 'Sometimes As A Fog, Sometimes As A Tsunami' at Kunsthaus Graz

Sometimes As A Fog, Sometimes As A Tsunami is now open to the public at Kunsthaus Graz

The exhibition will run until 13.03.2022.


In 2017, SUPERFLEX began a five-year project at Kunsthaus Graz. During this period, one work has been installed in the space each year, all addressing the fetishization of money, the collapse of value, and the economic conditions that constrain cultural institutions.
The cycle concludes with a substantial solo exhibition entitled Sometimes As A Fog, Sometimes As A Tsunami, focusing on the power of economy to dissolve social relations. In this context, capitalism appears as a fluid force that seeps into every crack and corner of the world. The exhibition includes works engaging with the dizzying nature of the economy, works that expand notions of community and aim to open new forms of coexistence between species, and a new film that imagines a post-human future.
Sometimes As A Fog, Sometimes As A Tsunami will be accompanied by a publication that reflects SUPERFLEX's interest in value systems. Buyers of the book will be involved in the process of value generation: the exact same book will be sold at three different prices, so it’s up the buyer to decide how it’s valued. The content of the book provides insight into the exhibition and places the works on display in a larger discursive context. Designed by Rasmus Koch Studio.

Sometimes As A Fog, Sometimes As A Tsunami
Curated by: Barbara Steiner


Photo by Jakob Fenger. Courtesy of SUPERFLEX.






FOS 'Skin Carpet' at Le Bicolore, Maison du Danemark

22.10.2021 - 19.12.2021

Opening 22.10.2021 at 7 pm

Curator: Diana Baldon

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Skin Carpet is the first solo exhibition in France by Danish artist FOS (Thomas Poulsen; b. 1971, lives and works in Copenhagen and Venice). His artistic practice moves across genres, encompassing sculpture, installation, architectural, design and music. Since the beginning of the 2000s, his works have been exploring how the aesthetic language of objects and spaces can define us as social beings.
The exhibition title is an invented word that encodes a dual meaning referring to a double space. On the one hand, it references the haptic experience of human touch on dissonant but smooth surfaces, such as skins and carpets. On the other, it relates to materials whose predominant task is to wrap and frame something else.

The exhibition is staged as a large-scale environment shaped by 240-meter long hand-coloured canvas that sketches out an outsized pair of human lungs. By inhaling and exhaling, the biological process of this organ mechanically moves air through the body while metabolizing oxygen. In FOS ́ sculptural setting, this organic chamber is scaled up to become a soft architectural interior where penetrable barriers enclose our bodies as well as the volume of air that circulates in and out of them.

Few sculptural objects are sparsely arranged within the organ-shaped stage. Among these, a glass tube sculpture expels vapour like a connecting artery. The biomorphic shapes of the gentle fog manifest through the scrutinizing eye of a thermic camera, whose very image is projected on a large screen at the entrance.
Like a radar, the thermographic picture draws continually sinuous forms of glowing light that reveal the otherwise undetectable movements of hot air and substance. While in constant exhalation, the steam morphs into the surrounding environment to flow and transform into new life cycles. Heat is the artistic material, invisible matter dissolving into the viewer ́s body, pervading it front and back in a space fashioned as that body part upon which rests on the human breath.


Olaf Breuning ‘Plans for the Planet’ at the National Gallery of Victoria,

Olaf Breuning presents ‘Plans for the Planet’ at the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia.

“Artist Olaf Breuning presents Plans for the Planet, an adventure playground for kids to explore, be creative and share their points of view. Throughout the exhibition, children can view animated drawings by the artist, help save a forest, make a portrait and type up plans for the planet for everyone to see.” - National Gallery of Victoria

Plans for the Planet is generously supported by The Truby and Florence Williams Charitable Trust managed by Equity Trustees, the Packer Family and Crown Resorts Foundations, the Neilson Foundation and Spencer Ko and can be experienced until 03.10.2021

"After a couple of years preparing "Plans For The Planet" at NGV in Melbourne finally opened its doors. We planned to open one year ago, but Corona made it impossible, which was maybe a good thing for the show since the very ambitious team lead by Kate Ryan had more time to work on all the details. The show is based on my work and designed by the fantastic NGV team and me. It is a show for kids to make them think playfully about our current relationship with nature and our plans for the future. Most of the show is interactive; kids can draw on pads, activate small animations by tapping on cutout flowers attached to the wall, putting their drawings on a large wall screen, and many more fun things. They can even walk on printed wooden planks over an imaginary hot lava stream - Jurassic Park meets "Saving The Planet". The show hopefully makes our future generation in charge more sensitive about our behavior towards nature." - Olaf Breuning 

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