Carlos Amorales: Black Cloud

Carlos Amorales' solo-exhibition BLACK CLOUD is currently on view at Kunstmuseum Brandts and on view until 04.08.2024. ⁠

"The work Black Cloud by @carlos_amorales_ appears as gloomy and poetic as its title. More than 30,000 black butterflies in laser-cut paper swarm everywhere, in cloud-like clusters - on walls and posts, in windows, down from ceilings, up in corners. Individually, the fine paper insects are beautiful and fragile. In large clusters, they become a potential threat, bringing to mind biblical plagues and something completely uncontrollable. The seductive beauty goes hand in hand with the horrifying. In other words, it is a wildly growing installation that is set free when a completely new version of Black Cloud occupies the art gallery at Kunstmuseum Brandts.

In harmony with the installation, Black Cloud, Carlos Amorales has also created a series of new paintings especially for the exhibition in Kunsthallen at Brandts. The paintings show both organic and structured repetitions of motifs and thus contain a form of encrypted poems."⁠ ⁠ - Kunstmuseum Brandts⁠

- Kunstmuseum Brandts⁠ ⁠



Mads Gamdrup: Grønningen 2023

Mads Gamdrup is part of the group-exhibition GRØNNINGEN 2023 at Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art. 

The exhibition spans painting, objects, photography, sculpture, installation, video, textiles and much more. While the 35 artists begin from diverse perspectives, they are also interconnected, engaging in an ongoing artistic conversation that evolves in different directions each year.⁠

The exhibition is on view until January 28th, 2024. 


Torbjørn Rødland - 'Oh My God You Guys'

Torbjørn Rødlands solo-exhibition 'Oh My God You Guys' is currently on view at Consortium Museum, Dijon, France. ⁠

The exhibition is curated by Éric Troncy and on view until 31.03.24. ⁠ ⁠

"The two photographs that open and close Torbjørn Rødland’s exhibition at the Consortium Museum represent a baby and an old man, respectively. The exhibition is designed as a journey leading from one to the other, namely from childhood to old age. It is therefore a highly narrative project, and for Rødland, an unusual approach to the concept of exhibition.⁠ ⁠

The exhibition highlights Rødland’s photographs in which two contradictory characters are featured. The artist often employs this type of “disruptive casting” to emphasize the oddness in the photographed scenes. The “scenario” created by the curator for this exhibition – titled “Oh My God You Guys” as agreed with the artist – takes the viewers on a journey from the dawn to the dusk of life, exploring sophisticated and troubled human relationships.⁠ ⁠ “Oh My God You Guys” unfolds across eight different rooms, with each featuring increasingly older characters – starting with the baby and progressing through children, teenagers, adults, and ultimately the elderly – and producing a large fresco reminiscent of Edward Steichen’s 1955 landmark exhibition “Family of Man” at MoMA." 

- Éric Troncy⁠ ⁠

Photo credit: Rebecca Fanuele © Consortium Museum.⁠


Eduardo Terrazas: Equilibrio Múltiple

Eduardo Terrazas' solo-exhibition Equilibrio Múltiple is on view at Museo del Palacio de Bellas Artes, MX. ⁠

This large, retrospective exhibition features 144 works and projects, spanning from 1968-2023.⁠

Equilibrio Múltiple is curated by Daniel Garza is on view until 08.10.23. ⁠

Photo: Ramiro Cháves



Michael Kvium: The Noise of Silence (Stilhedens larm) at Oluf Høst Museet

Michael Kvium's solo-exhibition The Noise of Silence (Stilhedens larm), is on view at Oluf Høst Museet until October 21st, 2023.

Michael Kvium has for four decades created works that mercilessly depict the folly of man and all corners of life. The narrative paintings unfold on a stage from the moment theater curtain rises to the second the curtain falls, like the course of life from born to death. The works paradoxically evoke feelings of both enthusiasm and disgust and their expression is situated is both abstraction and realism that can be impossible to shake from one’s consciousness.⁠

Photo: Anders Beier⁠


Carlos Amorales: Black Cloud at MNAC, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest

Carlos Amorales' large-scale installation opens today at MNAC, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest. The exhibition can be visited on the first floor of the museum, in the Marble Hall.⁠

The installation "Black Cloud" is a satellite of the Biennale Art Encounters 2023 – "My Rhino is not a Myth: Art science fictions", which takes place in Timișoara between 19.05.2023 – 16.07.2023. 



Ed Templeton: Wires Crossed

Ed Templeton's solo-exhibition Wires Crossed, at Bonnefanten Museum, Maastricht.⁠

The exhibition will run until 17.09.23⁠

"In Wires Crossed, Templeton shares all aspects of his life and the lives of his friends and colleagues. "Nobody seemed bothered that I took photos." On their long tours, they explore their own boundaries, both physical and mental. The photos show the twilight zone between adolescence and adult life: jokes, broken bones, boredom, arguments and sex. ⁠

Through the detailed visual reports - just before mobiles and social media were to change society for good - Templeton gives the skateboarders a face. They are not caricatures of unruly kids, but profound personalities, searching for themselves and for their place in life, at the most spectacular locations." ⁠


FOS: Warm Leatherette at Etage Projects, Copenhagen

FOS' solo exhibition Warm Leatherette is currently on view at Etage Projects, Copenhagen.⁠

The exhibition is open until 08.04.23⁠

"Warm Leatherette is a song by synth pop band The Normal, inspired by J. G. Ballard’s Crash. The book conflates the functionality of the automobiles with that of the human body: instead of a whiplash, the car crash unleashes a new sexual fetishism, born out of a perverse technology. “The handbrake penetrates your thigh. Quick let's make love before we die”. "⁠

For more information, please click here 

Photos by Robert Damisch @r.damisch ⁠